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We no longer carry the Ribbon Spoolers in store; however, they are still available online from Best Craft Organizer.  You could use these trays to store your Washi / Decorative Tapes, Stickles, Enamel Accents or MORE!  Priced to clear out!

It’s easier then ever to roll up, store and dispense your ribbon!

Ribbon spooler makes it easy to wind up your ribbon. Simply place the Divider Disc on the wheel, thread your ribbon end through the notch, place your thumb on the handle to create tension and wind up your ribbon.

This tray will hold 6 of the Ribbon Dispensers. Two of these trays will fit in either the 2″ or 3.5″ drawer.

Benefits of Best Craft Organizer

1.Optimizes storage space by using shallow drawers.

2.Modular system allows you to add on as your storage needs grow.

3.Will last a lifetime. We Guarantee it!

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