Baby Mine Girl Folio Album


Here is another Folio Album in a different configuration.  In this album I used Carta Bella’s  Baby Mine Girl Collection.

20170526_165821  The front of the folio.

20170526_164824  Cover.

20170526_164834  Left flap open to reveal a photo mat.  A photo can be placed behind the word if desired.

20170526_164844  Right flap open to reveal a waterfall with magnetic closure.

20170526_164904  The waterfall has a larger photo mat behind that slips out.

20170526_164928  The left flap opens again.

20170526_165049  The left pocket holds journal tags and photo mats.

20170526_165115   20170526_165131  The flap lifts to reveal more journal tags and photo mats.

20170526_165205  The center flap opens up & down.

20170526_165238  20170526_165303  The lower pocket contains a photo wallet.

20170526_165322  The center belly band holds two larger photo mats.

20170526_165340  The center flips up again.

20170526_165416  The two smaller photo flaps open & two larger photo mats are in the upper pocket.

20170526_165431  Two more larger photo mats are located in the center of the album.

20170526_165838  The back of the folio.

Thanks for looking 🙂  I look forward to your comments.

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