Save Money With our Loyalty Discounts!




* Sign up for an account & start saving Loyalty Points for 10% DISCOUNTS

* Register your birthday in your account for a 25% DISCOUNT on your birthday! (Cannot be combined with Loyalty Discount or other offers)

* Pay CASH in full to receive 5% off (Cannot be combined with Loyalty Discount or other offers)

* I will now Price Match!  Show me a picture or link of the item with the price showing for a Price Match PLUS an additional 5% off ** The item in question must be the exact item.  ** If you are sending me a link, the website must be in Canada & in Canadian dollars.  ** If you are showing me a picture on your phone, the store & item must be in a Kamloops & area store.

** Loyalty Points & Loyalty Discounts may increase during special events!

** Loyalty Discounts & other discounts cannot be used on classes, crops or other events.

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