Tim Holtz’s Distress Crayon Play Class


Join Tara for something a little different.  In this class you will get the opportunity to play with Tim Holtz’s Distress Crayons.  If you have these crayons, but just don’t know what to do with them; or you have seen them in the store but don’t know anything about them, then this class is a good opportunity to see just a little of what they’re all about!

I will show you several different ways to use the Distress Crayons then you will have the opportunity to play with them.  You will be given card front panels to do each technique and extras to experiment with.  You can then keep your panels for reference or turn them into card fronts.  The class is scheduled for 4 hours; however, if you have completed all your technique panels you do not have to stay.

Class requirements:
– You MUST have a Non-stick Craft Sheet (this not only protects my tables, but the techniques being shown actually use the craft sheet)
– You MUST have your own Ink Blending Tools with Foams, Sponge Daubers, OR makeup sponges for EACH colour of Distress Crayon that you use (at least x3)
– You MUST have baby wipes (you will go through lots!)
– You MUST have a water spritzer
– You MUST have paper towels, a rag, &/or a chamois (I use a basic car chamois) – you WILL be messy
Distress Crayons (if you have them).  I have mine to use in a pinch; but it makes for a difficult class if we have to share them
Stencil(s) if you have them – I suggest bringing one or two to fit an A2 card (I have a few to choose from)
Background stamp (& acrylic block/stamp press) if you have it (I have several to choose from)
– Embossing powders – I suggest bringing one or two.  Recommended: Clear, Black, White, Gold (for best results use fine powders)
– Embossing ink
– Recommended: Embossing Powder Prep Pillow
– Heat tool (I have 2 available if necessary)
Fine tip water brush (any fine tip paint brush will work) if you have it
– ALWAYS bring your basic tool kit (adhesive, basic tools & supplies)
– Suggested – Wink of Stella Clear Marker

This will be a messy class, so if you are worried about your clothes or manicure cover yourself up!

Bring a snack &/or lunch with you – we will not have an official break for lunch, but you can take breaks as you need.

Please note that the cards pictured and sampled for class will NOT look like yours.  Everyone’s panels will look completely different.  There is no right or wrong – this class is all about playing, discovery & creativity.  Most of all, let’s have fun!

Date: Sunday, September 10

Time:  10:00am – 2:00pm

Please register ahead. You can register on the website, call in a credit card to the store 778-470-1142, or in person at the store.

Students receive 10% off their total purchase while at the class!

Cost: $25.00 per person, includes an all-day parking permit for this class if necessary.

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