TMCanada’s Layout Challenge Facebook Group

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Do you sometimes need a push of inspiration to get your layouts started? Stuck in a layout rut, doing the same thing over and over? I know I often do. Layout maps are helpful to get the creative juices flowing and sometimes to help us break the cycle of doing the same thing over and over. I thought it would be fun to randomly post layout inspirational maps I find from the internet and show you what I created from it. I then want you to create a layout from the map and share it here! When you share your layout please include the inspirational layout map you used. Over time, there will be a variety of maps to choose from! Maybe someone else’s posted layout will be your inspiration! Let’s get scrappin’!!

Here is the first layout map with my interpretation to help get you started!

Click the following link to take you to the Facebook group & request to join.  Come join the FUN!

TMCanada’s Layout Challenge Facebook Group

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